The Kanya Sumangala Yojana, often abbreviated as KSY, is a flagship initiative of the Uttar Pradesh government.

Promoting Girl Child Education: 

One of the key focuses of the scheme is to encourage families to educate their daughters. To achieve this, financial incentives are provided for girls' education from primary to higher education levels.

Ensuring Good Health:

The scheme emphasizes the health and well-being of girls. It provides for regular health check-ups, immunizations, and access to quality healthcare services.

Empowering Girls

KSY aims to empower girls by providing them with financial assistance for skill development, which can lead to employment opportunities and financial independence.

Promoting Birth Registration:

To ensure that every girl's birth is officially registered, a financial incentive is provided to families upon registering the birth of their daughter.

Making a Difference

Since its inception, the Kanya Sumangala Yojana has made a significant impact on the lives of countless girls and their families in Uttar Pradesh. It has not only improved the status of the girl child but also contributed to changing societal perceptions about the value and potential of girls.

A Step Towards Gender Equality

The Kanya Sumangala Yojana stands as a shining example of how targeted government initiatives can play a pivotal role in bridging gender disparities. It promotes the idea that every girl child deserves equal opportunities and a bright future.


The Kanya Sumangala Yojana is more than just a government scheme; it's a beacon of hope and empowerment for girls across Uttar Pradesh.